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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your events held?

Either at Coastal Mod (PINK), at the host’s place of business (GREEN) or at local gyms/parks/beach for our monthly workouts (ORANGE). These are colored coordinated in the calendar on the home page.

Is parking free?

Yes, every place of business so far has had an onsite parking lot. See below for a map of CoastalMod’s parking lot. Once in a while you might have to find street parking for a bay or beach workout but I will let you know ahead of time!

Do you allow refunds?

Unfortunately, no. Our events are planned down to the last dollar and it would greatly impact the small businesses involved. Hope you understand and that this doesn’t deter you from joining us! 

I'm not a mom, can I still come?

This is a frequently asked question. All women are welcome! The concept started with prioritizing moms because since becoming a mom I realized how much more difficult it had become to carve out girl time for myself but 110%, yes, all gals are encouraged to join our community!

How do you pick the businesses you work with?

I started with personal favorites but now that we are branching out to new ones I try and stay as true to myself as possible as to whether or not their mission aligns with what I am trying to create here. Most of the businesses I am working with I am now a client/customer of and frequent regularly.

What type of events do you hold?

We host a wide range of events. I try to create experiences that I think my girlfriends and I would enjoy and go from there. You will find a variety of workouts, hands on workshops like assembling a lazy susan charcuterie board to women’s wellness panels and everything in between.

Are there any events not recommended for pregnant gals?

Yes, events involving saunas, heated yoga, etc. are not suited for expecting women. If you are pregnant and comfortable sharing with me ahead of time, that would be helpful so that I can triple check on any skincare products or refreshments we may have at the event. I am happy to accommodate mamas-to-be so you are able to partake as much as possible.

Will there be alcohol at MNOVB events?

There will not! We will be serving mocktails and/or adaptogen bevs at all MNOVB events. Of course, still and bubbly water will also be available. Most of ya’ll show up with giant water bottles anyways!

Can my business be involved as a sponsor?

Yes! We are always looking for businesses to pitch in on refreshments, beverages, giveaways and swag bag gear. Reach out to me at, I would love to chat with you!

Why is there a discount for buying 3 tickets to an event?

I am trying to encourage gals to make MNOVB their “go to” for planning evenings with friends. Instead of going out for drinks like is so routinely done for “girls night out,” check out our calendar and see if anything interests ya’ll in the coming weeks!

Our Primary Venue


CoastalMod is a modern gallery featuring high end collectible vintage art and furnishings. Conveniently located near the Neptune statue, the gallery has a shotgun layout at 19’ wide and over 100’ long featuring high ceilings and polished concrete floors.

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